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Monday, 2 July 2012

I Have A Tape To Prove That Charly Boy Is Gay And A Member Of The Illuminati... Ed Jatto

                                              Ed Jatto                                                                           Charly Boy
Following the press release by Charly Boy that Ed Jatto, publisher of Danfo Express, should play the tape depicting Charly Boy as a gay and member of the Illuminati,
at a public press conference, Jatto has reacted by saying that he would prefer to meet Charly Boy in court.
“I find it laughable that Charly Boy is subtly backtracking now,” said Jatto. “He knows I have the tape, I told him when he asked me, and if he had asked to listen to it then, I wouldn’t have minded playing it to him.
“As it is now, I am not interested in playing it to him at any kangaroo press conference. Charly Boy believes so much in suing people. We all know he has sued National Mirror and now he wants to sue me too. So, I’ll just say he should go ahead and sue and we’ll meet in court where the tape will eventually be played for the whole world to hear.”
Jatto added that “I like men who stick to their words, which he hasn’t done. When the tape is played in court and I’m vindicated, I would press for damages because he has caused me considerable embarrassment. It is too late for him now to start asking me to bring the tape to a press conference.
”I have known Charly Boy for a long time now, since the 80s, so as far as I’m concerned, we still remain friends, despite this issue, but as a man of dignity, I will let him know that he just can’t sling my name in the mud anyhow.”

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