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Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Goodluck Ebele Jonathan Is A Joke, Nigerians Deserve A Better Leader...Ghanaian Professor, George Ayittey

  • Professor George Ayittey
This is quite interesting, so please take your time to read through.
One of the world’s foremost economists, Professor George Ayittey has lashed out at the President of the federal Republic of Nigeria, Goodluck Ebele Jonathan (GEJ), describing him as “a joke” and a mediocre President after his (GEJ’s) encounter with the media last night.

According to Professor Ayittey's tweet:

 Read the full tweet below (From TwitLonger):

Look, this GEJ guy is a joke – a meretricious mediocrity. Nigerians deserve a better leader. Fancy his statements and responses to questions in a media chat on June 24, 2012:

• He has not visited Borno state, the center of Boko Haram attacks, because the airport there was not functional at the time he planned to visit. "And we did not want to land somewhere and fly in to Maiduguri with a helicopter for obvious reasons."

[Why is the airport not functioning? Why hasn’t it been fixed? And are there no ROADS into Borno State?]

• Asked why he had not declared his assets, Mr. Jonathan replied in an impatient tone, stating “I don’t give a damn” about declaration of assets. He related that he had gone to the late President Umaru Yar’Adua to caution “that we should not play to the hands of some people [by openly declaring their assets].” Mr. Jonathan added, “That is a matter of principle and I am not going to declare. It is not the president declaring his asset that will end Boko Haram.”
• The president said it’s a matter of principle and whether he is criticised from "head to toe" he will not declare his assets. "It is not right," he said. "I didn't want even want to declare my assets as VP" but was forced by the then president, Umara Musa Yar'Adua. He said asset declaration is "not the right thing to do."

[Damn it, it is a constitutional requirement to declare your assets, Mr. President. See Chapter VI, Part 1, Section 140 of Nigeria’s Constitution: “Declaration of assets and liabilities, oaths of President.” And what the hell has Boko Haram got to do with declaration of assets?]

• Agriculture: The president said his government is revolutionizing agriculture in Nigeria."We are giving cotton seeds free in the North" he said.

[This is the most crass definition of an “agricultural revolution” – by providing free seeds.]

• The President said the government is doing very well in railway construction. "You may not know, but we are working," he said. He added that his government has made a "significant progress" in railway construction. "You should commend us," he adds.

[What “significant progress” has been made in railway construction? How many Nigerians are working on railway construction with the contract given to Chinese firms?]

• UNILAG name change: The president said what he did, in terms of law, was correct. You change the name first, then send the bill to the National Assembly later, he argues. "What we did, was the normal procedure," he said.

[No, Mr. Presient, you had it backward. Before you change the name of University of Lagos (UNILAG), you consult with the university and the student body, which you did NOT do.]

• Crude Oil Theft: "The stealing of crude oil is a Nigerian phenomenon," the president said. He adds that it has gone cancerous. "We will stop it, but it is like allowing a cancerous cell to grow into a major tumor."

[Mr. President, theft of crude oil is a CRIME, not a “Nigerian phenomenon or a disease afflicting Nigerians. Describing it that way means you are CLUELESS about how to solve it.]

Nigerians should not put up with such mediocrity and should mount a RECALL GEJ campaign.
They should check Chapter VI of their Constitution. See Sections 143 and 144 about removing the President and Vice-President from office other than through elections.

137; 1c: “A person shall not be qualified for election to the office of President if under the law in any part of Nigeria, he is adjudged to be a lunatic or otherwise declared to be of unsound mind.” Link: http://bit.ly/MSxUws

What's your take on his comments? Is Professor Ayittey justified in his criticism of our dear President?

Comments :

5 comments to “Goodluck Ebele Jonathan Is A Joke, Nigerians Deserve A Better Leader...Ghanaian Professor, George Ayittey”

Anonymous said...

The prof is so on point, he has said it all.

Anonymous said...

GEJ is no doubt a joker, the professor is 100% justified. We deserve a better leader and not a mediocre.

Anonymous said...

In as mush as I love and respect GEJ, these are salient issues which are very important, and requires immediate attention. Hope Mr President. Steps up his game and do the right thing.

SAMUEL said...

This Professor is confused, sounds idiotic and is a joker himself. Borno state the headquarter of BOKO HARAM is been govern by a person known as Governor. The Governor is the chief security officer of the state and should be ready to tackle all security challenges in the state. If the challenges are beyond him, he should seek for assistance from the Federal Government and not keep quiet. These Governors receive monthly allocation and security votes that is up to total annual budget of Ghana as a country. Why can they use the monies wisely to solve the problem in their states instead of stealing them for their personal gain?

I think the professor is suffering from "overbookiology". He lacks the locus standi to talk on issues he is not aware of and can't proffer solution to.

Anonymous said...

The prof is on point.

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