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Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Bombing Of Churches: Christians To Embark On Sit-At-Home Protest ... PFANN

Christians across the country may soon embark on a sit-at-home protest against the Federal Government’s inability to curb the incessant bombing of churches by the Boko Haram sect members in the North.
This was revealed in Lagos on Tuesday at a news conference organised by the Partnership for a New Nigeria (PFANN) on the spate of church bombings in the North.
The initiator of PFANN, Evangelist Elishama Ideh, told journalists at the conference that plans were underway to mobilise Christians across the country, especially those in the North to boycott offices to protest against government’s insensitivity to the bombing of church buildings and killing of innocent persons in the north.

According to her, hundreds of Christians were killed when the Boko Haram members bombed churches in Zaria, Kaduna State last Sunday but rather than find a lasting solution to the anomaly, President Goodluck Jonathan decided to embark on a trip to Brazil.
Ideh, who vehemently condemned the president’s trip, said PFANN had, for a long time, been planning on how to rescue innocent souls from Boko Haram, members adding that, “one of our numerous plans is to organise the sit-at-home protest, which may begin soon.”
She further disclosed that the organisation had been having talks with religious leaders across the country on the sit-at-home protest and that the plan would be implemented soon.
“Churches are now the target of Boko Haram. Christians will refrain from official duties and allow the Muslims to do it alone. It is unfortunate that those saddled with the responsibility of safeguarding life and property in the country have failed abysmally to guarantee the safety of our life and property,” she declared.
Ideh further maintained that there is a gradual, deliberate and well-orchestrated descent into anarchy and it seems those in authority are either unaware of it or they just do not care.
The cleric, however, called on Christian leaders and the elite to wake up to the challenges of insecurity in the country, adding if something was not done now, the situation might lead to a large scale religious conflict.

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