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Thursday, 12 April 2012

Police And Doctor Warn Lovers On How To Avoid Loss Of Lives During Sex

This article is quite lengthy but trust me its worth your time, if you know what I mean? And don't read if you are less than 18 years. O'K?

To Stop The Death Of Lovers During Sex Police And Doctor Warn Lovers... Ascertain your partner's health status before sex.

Major cities in the country, especially, Lagos, are replete with reported cases of lovers who went to the hotels or guest houses to catch fun, only for one or both to die while having sex. Sometimes, such deaths are attributed to the traditional medicine (juju) popularly known in Yoruba as magun, secretly administered on suspected unfaithful female partners, by their husbands and lovers, to checkmate their infidelity.
However, this allegation has neither logical nor scientific proof. But doctors have different views on such deaths. Since the case of magun and other allied deaths cannot be proved scientifically, doctors usually link it to heart attack or cardiac arrest and other illnesses that may make one unfit for marathon sex.

Death of male lovers in hotel rooms and guest houses have also been blamed on some sex enhancing drugs and drinks. The death of the late Deputy Inspector General of Police (DIG),Ganiyu Dawodu in a hotel in Lagos, is still fresh in our memory. His case is one out of many. The late DIG was said to have returned from South Africa where he went to treat heart related ailment.

Besides cardiac arrest, some victims were confirmed to have died after romp with female partners.
In most cases the surviving partner would quickly abscond for fear of arrest. The unfortunate ones, who tried to save the situation would be arrested and interrogated. They are expected to convince the police that it was mere sex that resulted in the death of the deceased.

A source who doesn't want his name in print said some men, who were dead while having extramarital affairs with another man's wife, only received punishment for their action. "There is no need of arrest or physical assault on the intruder. The best thing is to plant the magun on the woman without her knowledge. Magun literally translated from the Yoruba means, 'don't climb'. The 'climb' itself represents the sexual act. It is a charm that the Yoruba use to check infidelity among adulterous wives and female partners," he explained.

In the South East, some communities have a custom which forbids married women to cheat on their husbands. Any violation of the custom or tradition has dire consequences. One of the penalties is either, the children, the woman or husband is struck by mysterious ailment, which may result in death if nothing is done by way of sacrifice, appeasement or confession by the adulterous woman.

Reacting to the upsurge of deaths in hotels after sex, the Lagos State police command spokesman, Mr. Joseph Jaiyeoba, advised people to always ascertain the health status of their partners before engaging in marathon sex with them. He also warned men, especially, those who are in the habit of picking girls from brothels, to be wary of the type of women they sleep with. "Some of these prostitutes would stop at nothing, to extort money from their clients, both legal and illegal means. This has resulted in some unresolved cases of deaths, especially, in guest houses," he said.

But a medical doctor, Emmanuel Enabulele, has a different view of possible causes of death during sex. According to him, whoever dies during sex must have a medical history that makes him or her unfit to have sex at the time he or she did. Dr Enabulele, who is a surgeon and the Medical Director, Jokem Clinic, Lagos, blamed the upsurge in sex related death, on the use of drugs that contain Sildenafil, a product found in Viagra and some energy drinks to increase libido and the length of erection. . "It is very possible that a man or woman can die during sex.

It could be as result of exhaustion. It is natural that after a sexual encounter, a man cannot get erection till some period of time. What this drug does is to reduce the timing, making it possible for a man to get an erection immediately after a round of sex. The content of the drinks have effect on the heart, which might lead to sudden seizure or even stroke during sex. If you are going out with a man that, after the first round of sex, he quickly recovers, be careful, such a person might be taking enhancement drugs," he said.

On who is at a risk of having an attack during sex, Dr Enabulele said: "If you are not sick, you will not have a problem. If a woman has a complicated hypertension, such a person can have a cardiac arrest or in worse cases, the person may have stroke. This is so because, orgasm leads to the pumping of adrenaline to the heart during the massive electrical charge which takes place during sex. It is a very rigorous act. Those people that after having sex, you notice palpitation, their heart starts beating very fast. If the environment is not conducive, it could be multi factorial. It could be emotional, psychological or endocrine in action. At this stage, the hormones and blood vessels are inter-playing. It is more hectic than someone running a hundred meters race."

He said age has nothing to do with sex. "It all depends on the health of the couple and the ability to go through the act.

Most Nigerian men have this sick mentality, that if they do not satisfy a woman, it means he is not man enough. To make a point, they have to use some kind of drug to support themselves, without finding out the health implications.

"The fact remains that there are lots of walking corpses out there that have not seen the four walls of a hospital. They do not know their sugar level and many people who discovered that they are hypertensive do so by mistake."
On how to avoid death during sex, Dr Enabulele advised that a sexual encounter should be between consenting adults, and should also be recognized as a very vigorous activity which involves blood flow.

There are cases where a man, after having a round of engaging sex with his wife, sneaks out to meet his girlfriend, who only wants the man's money. In order to prove to the woman that he is man enough, he sneaks into the rest room and swallows something that will give him erection, goes and pounds himself to death. Nigerians, especially our men, should be man enough to know when to have sex and when to let go.

Culled from Daily Sun

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