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Tuesday, 10 April 2012

End-Time Alert: "Mr Gay World" Crowned In Africa For The First Time In A Beauty Peagent

For the first time, the contestants in Mr Gay World came to Africa, a continent where most countries still maintain sodomy laws, sometimes punishable by death.

This year a towering German who lives in New Zealand, Andreas Derleth, took the title late Sunday. He beat out 21 other men, including the first black African contestants, whose participation brought its own difficulties.

Taurai Zhanje, the contestant from Zimbabwe where President Robert Mugabe regularly brands gays as "worse than pigs and dogs", pulled out after government agents intimidated his family.
His family was followed by agents of the regime in Zimbabwe. His mother is employed by the government, she surely would have lost her job. And with 80 percent unemployment, she was looking after a lot of people.

The Ethiopian delegate, Robel Hailu, is a student in South Africa but was disinherited after a radio station in Addis Ababa announced his title.

Obviously these guys birth certificate no doubt is an apology from the condom factory.

See the more photos below:

This is end-time, no doubt...how bad can it get?

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